October 26, 2022 7:00 PM

JC Geography Webinar


Carolina Skemas

Product Specialist


Dan Sheedy

Author of Geography Bank of Questions

In This Webinar:

Dan Sheedy, author of JC Geography for the Examcraft Formative bank of questions, was very inspiring on this webinar. Dan has 20 years of experience teaching Geography and History at Limerick Tutorial College. He has already published two books: LC Geography Sample Answers for Gill Education and History in Focus 1 & 2 for CJ Fallon. He is now editing and commissioning a series of Junior Cycle revision books for Examcraft.

You can preview the topics Dan has developed in the link below. The specification for Junior Cycle sets out three interconnected strands and it emphasises a non-linear approach across them. It combines learning outcomes across strands to encourage the development of learning experiences.