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Save hours spent creating and marking questions with Examcraft Formative. Using our pre-marked bank of questions, see students work in real-time, give feedback, track student progress, and collaborate with your fellow teachers – all in one beautiful package!

Assignments aligned with the Junior Cycle

Get your evenings back!

Built by Irish teachers, Examcraft Formative knows what it takes to support your classes every day, giving you back your time.

We have created a pre-marked curriculum-based bank of questions, saving you those hours spent on creating and marking assignments.

Harness the power of live student responses and formative feedback!

Real-Time Feedback

Formative makes it easy to understand your students’ progress and adapt your lessons to their needs.

Give your students real-time feedback, whether you’re working with them in person or remotely.

Integrates with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom

Easy onboarding of students

Schools using Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom can easily sync students to Examcaft Formative, with no manual input of student information required.

You can post assignments to your LMS automatically, and students can easily log in with their Office 365 or Google Account to complete activities assigned to them.

Features for the schools of tomorrow

An all-in-one platform of features designed to help you reach every student, every time.

A high-quality resource for teachers

Audio, video, text, images, drawings, uploads, and more! Examcraft Formative offers a  variety of resources to engage every type of learner.

Standardised Assessment

Principals can distribute and analyse standardised assessments collaboratively across school teachers to understand learning progress. 

Students in charge of their own learning

Examcraft Formative encourages students to reflect on their own learning through feedback from teachers and tracking their performance. 

Live feedback

Let Examcraft Formative do the grading for you with pre-marked assignments, or support students as needed with personalised, real-time text, audio, visual, and video feedback options.

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